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Safe Operation : Dual Lock 

External Size : H144.5 X W77.5 X D65.0 (cm)

Internal Size  :  H120.5 x W59.5 x D44.0  (cm)

Fire Rateing  : 120 Min NT-017 Fire Resistance

Weight          : 348 Kg

Drawer & Shelf : 1 Lockable Drawer 3 Shelf 

Diplomat Double Keylock Safe 130 KK

    • 2 different keys needed to open the safe
    • User may wish to only use 1 key to lock/unlock the safe
    • Fits A4 Arch Files
    • 1 top drawer and 1 height-adjustable shelf
    • The profile of the door comes with multi-curvatures design. This prevents water or other liquid seepage into the interior
    • 3 way solid locking bolts prevents door from being pried open when fortified hinges are forcefully cut
    • Good precision fitting between body frame and door provides air tight construction, preventing smoke and heat reaching the inside contents
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